The Great Roman Games 2019

From May 3 to 5, 2019, the Great Roman Games return to Nîmes! This year, the Barbarian Kings will be in the spotlight. Discover the program of this new edition, and book your tickets quickly!

The Barbarian Kings at the Arena of Nîmes

During 3 days, 500 reenactors coming mainly from France, Italy, Croatia and Germany meet at the Arena of Nîmes as part of the largest historical reenactment on Antiquity in Europe. This 10th edition retraces the barbarian invasions following their victory at Arausio (present-day city of Orange) and the triumph of General Marius, winner of the famous battle of Aix-en-Provence in 101 BC Supervised scientifically by Eric Dars, professor history, and Eric Teyssier, lecturer at the University of Nîmes, this event is based on solid historical foundations. Attention to every detail (costumes of gladiators, legionaries, Celtic fighters, fighting techniques, scenery) allowed the Great Roman Games to establish itself as one of the cultural highlights in France.
The show itself is made up of several parts: Emperor Adrien’s Entrance, followed by the Macedonian Phalanx (Infantry Combat Training) demonstration, then the impressive chariot race, gladiatorial combat and finally the invasion of the Barbarian Kings.

The 2019 novelties

For the first time, the Arena of Nîmes offers spectators a new category “Premium”: it is reserved places near the platform of the Emperor Hadrian and a drink service for you. You will also be invited to come dressed in Roman fashion!
Another novelty this year, the reconstruction of a full-size Roman camp in the city center (place Gabriel Péri, facing the Augustus Gate). From May 1st to May 5th, passionate reenactors will live as in the Roman era, 24 hours a day. Activities and workshops will be offered to visitors, adults as well as children: demonstration of spinning, presentation of beauties products used by the Romans, bread making, military training, etc. Every day from 10am to 7pm, several specialist archaeologists will provide explanations and information on this era that has shaped our beautiful city.

Photo credits: Vincent Chambon

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